Head & Neck

South East ENT Specialist - head and neck Surgeon

Lumps around the head and neck area can be caused by several factors and may be of benign (non-cancerous) or in some cases of malignant (cancerous) nature. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption have been attributed as high risk factors. Early diagnosis, followed by prompt individualised treatment is critical for the best outcome of head and neck conditions.

Experts in both medical and surgical treatments, we provide services for:

  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Thyroid gland lesions
  • Thyroglossal cysts
  • Parathyroid lesions
  • Major Salivary Gland lesions (including Parotid, Submandibular and Sublingual)
  • Minor Salivary Gland lesions
  • Diagnosis of malignant head and neck disease (cancer)

Our surgical expertise and services include:

Office Based Diagnostic Procedures

  • Videlaryngoscopy
  • Upper aerodigestive examination with Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)

Hospital Based Diagnostic Procedures

  • Direct laryngoscopy + upper airway biopsy
  • Microlaryngoscopy + Biopsy
  • Rigid Oesophagoscopy
  • Rigid Bronchoscopy