Dr Fiona Hill

While in London Dr Hill performed hundreds of surgeries for auditory implants and complex ear disease for both adults and children.

Dr Fiona Hill brings to MEG the skills that represents the next generation medical and surgical treatments to care for her patients ears and hearing. Including endoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery, hearing preserving surgery, cholesteatoma/mastoid surgery, repairs of ear drums, laser stapedectomy, as well as all forms of cochlear and bone conductive implants. She also has a broad understanding of hearing restoration through non-surgical means and can provide guidance to patients in this field.

While in London, Dr Hill gave multiple presentations at the 32nd Politzer Society Meeting, the World International Otology Congress in Warsaw and the Semon Conference in London. She was also an invited speaking at the World Advances in Cochlear Implant Conference in Canada. During her time with the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust team, the unit were awarded The Sun Newpaper’s Award for their groundbreaking advances in implant technology. Dr Hill also used her time to explore Europe, competing in a number of running events including London’s Richmond Hill Marathon.

Patients can rest assured that not only are they being treated by a surgeon with a broad range of experience in all areas of ENT, but has subspecialty training in the most up to date techniques in ear surgery in the world.